A Call for Rides & Leadership!


Ride Leadership

Ride Leaders like James “JD” Davis know the drill. You can become a part of ride leadership too! Join James and other MTC3 Members who lead rides throughout the season. Any Major Taylor Cycling Club Chicago Member can consider becoming a Ride Leader, Marshal, Sweeper or Coach, help lead rides and encourage fellow Members. Contact your Club Captain to learn more.

Planning a Ride

Want to tryout a new ride or maybe you are just looking for some fellow cyclists to roll with you.* It’s simple to get started; just plan a ride. Complete the Ride Request Form below and work with the Club Captain or the Ride Committees to make it happen. Not a Major Taylor Ride Leader or Marshal yet? No problem. Be sure to work with our Club Captain to complete your Leadership Certification. Afterwards, you can create a Major Taylor ride by completing the form below. Please submit your ride plan at least two weeks in advance for review and approval by the Club Captain. Approved rides will be tagged as a Major Taylor Club Ride on the calendar.

*Pop-up rides are not Club-Approved rides. 

Ride Request Form

(Hard copy: Ride Form)

Ride Date *
Ride Date
List the time you'd like people to arrive before you depart for the ride. Ideally this is at least 15 min before the ride for pictures and ABC check.
Ride Departure Time *
Ride Departure Time
Ride End Time *
Ride End Time
Be as specific as possible. Include address if possible or GPS coordinates.
i.e.. All cyclists are capable of rolling at 18 mph.
Please put the average pace this ride will be ie., 15 mph.
Please describe the ride route or link to a geo-location rendering of the route.
Ride Leader Name *
Ride Leader Name
Ride Leader Phone *
Ride Leader Phone
Ride Leadership Certification
Indicate your Ride Leadership Ccertification as an MTC3 Ride Leader or Marshal.
HELMETS ARE REQUIRED ON ALL MAJOR TAYLOR CHICAGO RIDES!  http://majortaylorchicago.com/riderules/ As always... check the MTC3 Listserv on the day of the ride for any updates on weather, etc. To join the email listserv, sign up for our Yahoogroup! WHAT TO BRING TO AN MTC3 RIDE: Part of being a good cyclist is having the tools and accessories necessary to be self-sufficient, safe, and ready to ride.  Below is a general list of items to bring and a to-do list to be ready for an MTC3 ride. Gear Bag:  buy a gear bag (saddle bag is recommended) and stock it with the basics  – extra tube, tire tools, a small multi-tool, and either a mini-pump or a CO2 cartridge set. Tire Pressure:  pump your tires up before coming to the ride, or bring a floor pump that you can use in the parking lot before the ride.  If you need help, MTC3 ride leaders will be there to help you learn. Your bike:  Give it a quick inspection.  Spin the wheels to make sure they aren’t rubbing.  Do the gears shift accurately and easily?  Does everything seem to be in order?  This is called an ABC check.  (Air, Brakes, and Chain) Hydration/Food: Remember to bring water/sports drink and maybe an energy snack (bar, gel, banana, etc). Optional items:  The following will make your ride more enjoyable, but aren’t absolutely necessary.  Cycling gloves, sunglasses, cycling shoes and clipless pedals, padded cycling shorts. Be on Time:  MTC3 rides leave promptly at the advertised time.  Get to the start of the ride with plenty of time to get yourself and your bike ready to roll with soul!