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Mellow Monday - Zwift Group Ride

All endurance, not so much about speed? Whether you are trying to get into shape, become a smaller version or yourself or just looking to ride with some like-minded people, this is the ride for you. 

WHAT IS THE PACE? The pace is 1.5 w/kg. Respect the pace and ride with the group. This is NOT A RACE!

WHAT TO WEAR? Before the ride starts please change to the "Basic 5" kit. It has our club colors of black and red and looks dope when we ride in a pack.

HOW TO GET ON THIS RIDE? We utilize the "meetup" feature in Zwift. Jason Ward sends out invites about 1 week in advance to all his followers. If you want an invite then follow Jason Ward as that is how the current system works.

HOW CAN WE CHAT DURING THE RIDE? Use the in-game chat feature or ... Join us on Discord during the ride to participate in the audio conversation with one another. It will help the time pass by and give you a space to ask all the questions you have about Zwift and Cycling in general: (Please use Push-To-Talk)

WHAT IS ZWIFT? Here is an article about how to get started with Zwift.

Disclaimer: The Zwift ride series is a work in progress and will be modified as needed for our organization. All suggestions welcome.

Later Event: January 8
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